The U.S. government’s landmark antitrust trial against Google’s search business is nearing its conclusion. But the parade of major federal cases challenging Big Tech’s power is just getting going.

Under the Trump administration, the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission started investigating Amazon, Apple, Google and Meta, the parent company of Instagram and WhatsApp, for monopolistic behavior. The government has since sued all four companies — Google twice — in what it says is an effort to rein in their power and promote more competition.

The companies have denied the claims and are fighting back.

Closing arguments wrap up on Friday in Google’s first antitrust suit on allegations that it has a monopoly in internet search. The judge’s ruling, expected in the coming weeks or months, is likely to set precedents for the remaining cases.

Here’s the latest on the state of the U.S. government v. Big Tech.

In September, the F.T.C. and 17 states sued Amazon, accusing it of protecting a monopoly by squeezing sellers on its vast marketplace and favoring its own services. The practices also harmed consumers, the F.T.C. argued, and resulted in some cases of “artificially higher prices” because Amazon prevented those selling goods on its site from offering the same products on other online sites for less.

A judge in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington set the beginning of the trial for October 2026.

Amazon has asked the judge to dismiss the case and has argued that it often offers low prices to consumers and doesn’t hurt sellers on its marketplace. The lawsuit shows a “fundamental misunderstanding of retail,” the company has argued.


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