Former President Donald J. Trump had the best fund-raising month of his 2024 campaign now that he’s working in tandem with the Republican National Committee, pulling in $65.6 million in March, the party announced on Wednesday.

The party said that Mr. Trump, the R.N.C. and their shared accounts now had $93.1 million cash on hand entering April — roughly double what they had a month earlier.

“Our campaign, working together with the R.N.C., has been steadily ramping up our fund-raising efforts, and our March numbers are a testament to the overwhelming support for President Trump by voters all across the spectrum,” Susie Wiles, one of Mr. Trump’s top strategists, said in a statement.

Mr. Trump has been privately meeting with a number of billionaires and potential financiers at Mar-a-Lago over the past month. And in his recent takeover of the R.N.C., his team moved all of the finance and digital staff to Florida.

One reason Mr. Trump was able to bring in so much cash so quickly has to do with the joint accounts he now operates with the party. Those joint accounts are allowed to take in far larger donations — one of them can take in checks of as much as $814,600. During the primary, Mr. Trump had been limited to raising $6,600 for his campaign.

In recent days, Mr. Trump has shifted how new dollars that are donated are divided. During the primary, Mr. Trump made it so 10 cents of every dollar went to his PAC, Save America, money that has mostly been used to pay for legal fees related to investigations and his four indictments.


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